Tanaka's Freeware

All my software and documents are FREE. You can use as you wish at your own risk.

Tanaka's osax

OSAX for Web CGI Scripting (Converting Japanese Encoding, URL Decoding, ISO8859-1 translation, Data search and more).

Tanaka's osax

UVJ Mailer

"UVJ Mailer" is a simple mail-sender program made with REALbasic. You can use this program for sending a Japanese mail from CGI or other applications (via AppleScript).
Freeware with source

UVJ Mailer (Japnaese page)


"mboxer" is a simple mail-receiver program made with REALbasic. You can use this program for downloading mails from POP server.
Freeware with source

mboxer (Japnaese page)

MT File Watcher

"MT File Watcher" is a application that works with UVJ Mailer. This application checks your files and reports by mail when it finds changes.
Freeware with source (REALbasic 2.1.2)

MT File Watcher (Japnaese page)


An application for decoding FORM message from your <FORM> page.

With this, you can use <FORM> page on your homepage on provider.

ClipDecoder (Japanese)


BBS (Message Board) CGI Kit. (AppleScript sample & Application)

  • Easy to run
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to add a new room
  • Freeware!

EasyBBS (Japanese)

Card Dumper

A utility application for converting HC Stack Card Picture to GIF/JPEG Files.


REALbasic samples and XFCNs

XFCNs for REALbasic and my sample projects.

If you have any question about these files, please join and ask Web Scripter's Meeting .

Tanaka's CGI Kit

CGI Samples using Tanaka's osax.

Tanaka's CGI Kit v1.3 (104K) (Japanese Document)

including sample scripts of...

  • Guest Message
  • Guest Message Page
  • Guest Message Mail
  • File Search
  • Files Search
  • cloak
  • Easy Chat
  • Opinions
  • Easy BBS

required Tanaka's osax v1.0 or later

Current version: 1.3 (February 17, 1997)

HyperCard Stack

ISO8859-1 HTML - Mac Translator XFCN

ISO8859-1 HTML (&ecirc;tre) <-> MacRoman (être) Converter XFCN

Japanese Encoding Translator

SJIS - EUC, SJIS - JIS translator XFCNs included

ISO8859-1 - Mac Translator

ISO8859-1 <-> Mac-Roman Converter

G-XCollection1.0 (120K)

Collection of XCMDs & XFCNs made by CompileIt!(Japanese)

Walk_the_HyperCard (105k)

Document about some tips and hints of HyperCard (Japanese)

About DateItems (32k)

Some tips about Date calculation (Japanese)

About Value (44k)

About 'value' function (Japanese)

MakingPictBrowser (68k)

How to make 'PICT' file browser (Japanese)

FinderExample (36k)

Example script for Scripting Finder (HC2.2 + AS) (Japanese)

PictBtnPlayer (56k)

Making animation of 'PICT' button (Japanese)

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