MT Digit String : Source

Name:MT Digit String
Event Class:XUVJ
Event ID:ntds


--- This source is written in HyperTalk for CompileIt!

global myType:OStype, mySize:longInt, myactSize:longInt
global theAEEvent:R,theReply:R, handerRefCon:LongInt

codeResource "osax"

pascal function NumToDigitStr:I theAEEvent:R, theReply:R, handerRefCon:L

  put NewPtrClear(4) into paramPtr

  put AEGetParamPtr(theAEEvent@,"digi","shor",typeCode,paramPtr,2,myactSize) into err
  if err <> 0 then
    DisposPtr paramPtr
    return err
  end if

  put paramPtr@.integerType into tgDig

  if tgDig < 1 then
    put 0 into tgDig
  end if

  put AEGetParamPtr(theAEEvent@,keyDirectObject,"long",typeCode,paramPtr,4,myactSize) into err
  if err <> 0 then
    DisposPtr paramPtr
    return err
  end if

  put paramPtr@.longIntType into xInt

  if xInt < 0 and tgDig <> 0 then
    add 1 to tgDig
    put true into negFlg
    put abs(xInt) into xInt
    put false into negFlg
  end if

  put NewPtr(tgDig) into myStrPtr

  if tgDig > 1 then

    put 0 into baseOff
    if negFlg then
      put "-" into myStrPtr@.charType[0]
      add 1 to baseOff
    end if

    repeat with y= (tgDig-1) down to baseOff
      put NumToChar((xInt mod 10)+48) into myStrPtr@.charType[y]
      put (xInt div 10) into xInt
    end repeat

  end if

  if theReply@.descriptorType <> typeNull then
    put AEPutParamPtr(theReply@, keyDirectObject, typeChar,myStrPtr,tgDig) into err
  end if

  DisposPtr myStrPtr
  DisposPtr paramPtr

  return 0

end NumToDigitStr

Tanaka's osax : Source
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