Tanaka's osax

Current version: 2.0.1 (Jun 24, 2001)

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What's new 2.0.1

Bug fixed of "MT Pack CGI"

Added "of attribute" parameter to "MT List Folders" and "MT Count Folders." Now you can list/count folders only visible or invisible.

MT List Folders "Macintosh HD:" of attribute {visible:false} --- Lists invisible folders of root directory.

Other attributes will be ignored.

Enhanced "MT Decode MIME J." Now you can decode not only "ISO-2022-JP?B?", but "ISO-2022-JP?Q?", "ISO-8859-1?B?", "ISO-8859-1?Q?", "SHIFT-JIS?B?" and "SHIFT-JIS?Q?."


Tanaka's osax is Freeware. You can use, copy and distribute it freely in any kind product (freeware, sharewere or commercial software) at your own risk, provided both the following notice and URL are visibly present in your product's document:

Tanaka's osax, (c) Motoyuki Tanaka.

Tanaka's osax : Dictionary

"2.0 Dictionary" and "Event Table (AppleEvent Info)

Tanaka's osax : 2.0 History

Here is "2.0 Revision History".

Tanaka's osax : Source

Here is "Tanaka's osax 2.0 : Source".

PowerPC Native? OS X Native?

Tanaka's osax is not PPC native nor MacOS X native

I've been making my osaxen with a HyperTalk Complier, CompileIt! (Royal Software). I write all source codes in HyperTalk.

Since I bought my first Mac, Mac SE, I've been a HyperCard user and made many stacks and XCMDs. I learned programming with HyperCard. The one of reasons I started making osax is I can re-use my XCMDs sources for making osax with CompileIt!.

As CompileIt! is a HyperTalk Compiler for mainly making XCMDs, I can only make a 68K Code Resource type software with it. That's why Tanaka's osax is not PPC native nor MacOS X native osaxen, which is a CFM Shared Library type software.

But after releasing 2.0 final, I'll start learning C/C++ and OS X programming for making my osaxen work on MacOS X.

I can't say I'll make OS X version of my osax now, but I bought Code Warrior this summer and made a first little step.

How I make osaxen

Japanese Page

Tanaka's Extra

Tanaka's Extra 1.0.4

This osax incleds:

"Tanaka's Extra" is freeware. This is provided "As-is" and without warranty or guarantee of any kind. No support, No bug fix.

Tanaka's freeware

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